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Incident: Proper puzzle covers were not used for a Clock round

Status: Resolved

A2c1 A2c1+ scramble-secrecy


Incident description and resolution:

Due to a miscommunication, Kharkiv Open 2019 did not have puzzle covers for Clocks on hand. Because of the lack of covers, some judges used a score sheet for the Clock round.

Video evidence confirms that different judges used score sheets during the Clock round. This violates Regulation A2c1:

A2c1) The scrambler places a cover over the scrambled puzzle that makes it impossible for any competitors or spectators to see any part of the puzzle. The cover remains over the puzzle until the start of the attempt.

In addition, Guideline A2c1+ explicitly clarifies that paper or score sheets are not an acceptable substitute:

A2c1+) REMINDER In the past, score sheets have been used to cover puzzles while leaving some sides exposed. This is no longer permitted.

Although there is no evidence anyone specifically intended to cheat, this is a serious violation of scramble secrecy. Following the Cavite Open 2 2018 precedent (see Incident Log), the WRC agreed that the Clock round should be removed.

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