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Incident: A Skewb round was found to have several misscrambles

Status: Resolved

duplicate misscramble


Incident description and resolution:

A skewb final was found to have several misscrambles because of an organizational mistake. One scrambler was not familiar with skewb notation and accidentally scrambled wrongly some puzzles.

After analyzing the video evidence, the WRC has concluded the ammount of misscrambles significantly affected the final. The WRC agreed to change the round format from three round to two rounds, because:

  1. More than half of the attempts were found to be misscrambled.
  2. It is not consistent to disqualify some competitors and not others arbitrarily for an organizational mistake.
  3. The misscrambles were found to be noticeably difference from the original scrambles.

This decision involves retroactively removing all second attempts. Therefore, the classification was decided with the results from the previous round.

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