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Incident: A competitor submitted a wrong number of puzzles for Multi-Blind

Status: Resolved

H1a H1a1


Incident description and resolution:

During Multi-BLD, a competitor submitted his puzzles to be scrambled, without writing down a declared number of cubes. The scramblers scrambled all the puzzles and wrote down it on the scorecard. When the competitor came to solve, he told the judge that he wanted to attempt a number of cubes lower than the amount submitted. The judge intended to give the competitor the amount that he said he wanted to attempt, but miscounted and gave the competitor the full amount of cubes that were sumbitted.

The WCA Delegate allowed the competitor to attempt the amount that he had claimed, rather than the amount that he had submitted. Due to the staff's mistake in counting the attempt, the delegate gave a provisional extra.

Although the competitor said a different number later, he initially submitted all the puzzles and did not mark anything on the scoresheet. This violates Regulation H1a):

H1a) Before an attempt, the competitor must submit to the organization team the number of puzzles (at least 2) they wish to attempt.

In addition, Regulation H1a1) explicitly clarifies that changing the number of puzzles is not allowed:

H1a1) A competitor is not permitted to change the number of puzzles after submitting their number to the organization team.

Therefore, the WRC decision was to consider the total amount of cubes attempted as the original amount the competitor had submitted.

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