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Incident: A competitor used headphones for Multi-Blind

Status: Resolved

2i 2i1b+


Incident description and resolution:

Due to a miscommunication, a WCA Delegate allowed a competitor to use unplugged headphones for his first two Multi-BLD attempts instead of earplugs/earmuffs.

This violates Regulation 2i):

2i) While competing, competitors must not use electronics or audio equipment (e.g. cell phones, MP3 players, dictaphones, additional lighting) apart from the Stackmat timer or stopwatch.

In addition, Guideline 2i1b+) explicitly clarifies that switched off devices are not allowed:

2i1b+) CLARIFICATION This includes relevant devices which are switched off or disconnected.

In addition, Regulation 2t) requieres the competitor to be familiar with the Regulations. Therefore the WRC decision is to change the affected attempts into DNF.

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